About Us

Digitalitazation changes the way we interact with services, processes and businesses. DIV Motion helps companies realize their digital solutions.

about us

We are DIV Motion

We believe in improving the standard of living through digital transformation. This is why we want to help companies achieve their digital goals by putting a focus on long-term partnerships based on high-quality IT services. DIV Motion is an IT Service company delivering IT projects and helping companies drive their digital modernization.

Having the right partner is crucial for the business

Our Mission

Empower any process, any service and any business through its
Digitalization and Digital Transformation

We believe in the Digitalization and Digital Transformation. We always have.  In real terms, the world has been reminded of the importance of having each and every process, service or business a click away. We help companies elevate the digital aspect of their business  by using modern technologies, methodologies and tools. 

Be the technology expert that businesses trust for IT solutions and services

We have always been on the very front line of software development creating best-in-class software business applications using cutting edge technologies and methodologies.  We have the full specter of a business’s digital transformation. In fact, we take it as our responsibility to share our knowledge and experience and deliver not only the best-in-class software that your business requires but also help evolve your processes and delivery standards.

Our Vision
Our Strategy

Be the professional with the consultancy mindset the business needs, stay driven by the technology and keep improving

The world is constantly changing why shouldn’t business do too? At DIV Motion the only constant that we set is our desire to strive for success. We never stop improving our processes, knowledge and standards. Our DNA defines us as we are – the digital experts who live and breathe technology. Staying on the cutting edge of digital technologies and expanding our technical expertise is our priority. The good news is we also don’t have problems sharing it. Our consultancy mindset leads us through – whether it’s an email, zoom or a phone call we don’t have a problem jumping it and saving the day!